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"The song book just arrived!  I sat down immediately and poured over it.  It is gorgeous!  You write beautifully and the pictures accompanying it are outstanding!"
Jan Thuesen, Sausalito - California

Compiled by Joy Ibsen

Joy Ibsen is a writer, composer, piano teacher, lay minister living in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. As a Danish American growing up in small Midwestern USA Danish communities, she developed a commitment to, and love for, Danish music and culture. She believes these Danish songs have enduring value, great beauty, and are very enjoyable to sing.

Joy is also the Editor of Church and Life, a monthly periodical published by the Danish Interest Conference.

A graduate of Grand View College and Shimer College, she studied religion and literature at the University of Chicago. She has served as president of the Danish Immigrant Museum, and is an active participant at Danebod Folk School.

Photographs by Sisse Brimberg

Sisse Brimberg, a Danish-born photographer, has been with National Geographic since 1976. Her photographic studies of Denmark include National Geographic's "In Search of Vikings" (May 2000) and "Civilized Denmark" (July 1998).

Sisse's photographs have been exhibited worldwide, including a long-standing exhibit at the Danish Immigrant Museum. Her ability to capture truth and beauty on camera has won her worldwide recognition, including first prize from the National Press Photographers Association for her reportage on migrant workers, the "Picture Story of the Year."

Songs of Denmark Sange for Danskere
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