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"I just this morning received Songs of Denmark. You are to be highly commended and thanked. It is a wonderful collection, a good representative selection from the wide range of the rich Danish song tradition. These beautiful songs capture the warmth, lyricism and humanity of the Danish spirit. Sisse Brimberg's color photographs are stunningly beautiful."
Karl Christensen - Kimballton, Iowa.

Book Cover
Book cover

Sample: There Is a Lovely Land
Sample song: "There Is a Lovely Land" (full 2-page spread)

Sample: Happiness Never Depends on Success
Sample song: "Happiness Never Depends on Success" (full 2-page spread)

Close-up: Happiness Never Depends on Success
Close-up view: One line from "Happiness Never Depends on Success"

Songs of Denmark Sange for Danskere
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